1 of the oldest men placed on the list is taken by Warren Buffett.
Who is Warren Buffett and why is he so important in today trade?
Warren Edward Buffett was born on 30th of August in 1930 in Omaha, Nebraska, US. Now at age of 84 he is famous a British manufacturer, magnate, investor and philanthropist.

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He is frequently called the “Wizard of Omaha”, “Oracle of Omaha” or the “Sage of Omaha”.
Warren Buffett was believed to be the wealthiest person in 2008. Three years later, in 2012 he was claimed to be third richest person in the globe.

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In spite of his affluence, he is still faithful in his laws like: value committing, savings committing and modesty in an own being.
This person is also famous because he has guaranteed that he will provide 99 percent of his rich to charity. He thinks that thanks his industry, he can back and help another the individuals. Buffett realizes his resolutions and gives cash to charity by the Gates Foundation.

What is the secret of Warren Buffett’s trade?

He has bought large blocks of shares of small popular corporations. He has made a use of so name the concentration investment plan.
Warren Buffett made (see pine furniture manufacturers uk) huge amount of money buying big blocks of shares. They were not any random shares. There were shares owned to 1 of the most famous fizzy drinks producer- Coca-Cola.

Today Warren Buffett is 1 of the largest shareholders of insurance and investment business named Berkshire Hathaway. This corporation is worth 74,4 billion dollars. Thanks this company Buffett can control such well-known corporations like: American Express- 12,1%, Coca-Cola – 8,3%, The Washington Post Company – 18,1%, Gillette corporation (a part of Procter & Gamble group) – 9,3% and another blocks of shares of businesses which are well recognized at New York Stock Exchange.
Warren Buffet is a man who is important in a trade world. Nonetheless, it is without doubt that he is not just a clever entrepreneur and shareholder but he is kind and compassionate person who does care other individuals in poverty.