If you do not know yet where to travel during the upcoming holidays, you should go to the place, you have never seen before. Maybe to a totally new continent?
To visit first destination that is just splendid to try as well as to discover something totally new, you should book flights to Lebanon.

This country is incredible and everybody should see it at least once. Another asset is the fact, that it is not most popular destination yet. Because of this, you will have a chance to avoid long queues and crowds of tourists. This country has plenty to offer particularly for those people, who love archaeology as well as ancient history (the latest). Lebanon has more than seven thousand years of history. Even though Lebanon is pretty small, it has as a lot of as 5 sites that are added to the UNESCO World Heritage books. Among those five sites are famous Tyre as well as Byblos, who are 1 of the oldest inhabited cities in the whole world. Doesn’t this sound amazing? It definitely does.

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Another recommended destination for the next holidays is Toronto. It is a splendid destination for those men and women that love art, because there are many very good museums and galleries. Additionally, there are a lot of good festivals. The most wiedly recognized of them is probably the Toronto Film Festivals (read the information). Nevertheless, there are also tons of more, as for instance, the Digital Dream or the Luminato festival that last seventeen days! Additionally, there are a lot of cheap flights to Toronto available.

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Presently, due to the high competition between different plane companies, it is very easy to find very attractive promotion. Thanks to this, you can visit this incredible place without spending a fortune on plane tickets.