Numerous individuals who think about entrepreneurs picture old and fat men who sit in their office and work making use of pcs and phone. Still, the stereotype should be modified. Nowadays, the business men and females are energetic people who enjoy to help people in needs. A great example of the thesis is Polish business run.

Polish business go is a special run where get involved individuals related with market. They are usually enormous corporations, business people who have gained a lot in their lifestyles and – nasza strona – who still want to change something for better in the average people’s lives.

Why do the joggers run in the Polish business run?The goal of the run is gathering the money for the pain people. It is not a regular run. All of the players represent the huge companies which collect the money for helping people in need. Most of business people enjoy sports, particularly running, so it is a great combination of helping individuals and doing the sport you enjoy!

Who are the men and women who will obtain the assistance?

artificial limb

Autor: Thomas Leuthard

The foundation which organizes the run assists the people who lost their limbs mainly in the accidents or who were born with arms defect. At the institution’s website, everybody is able to see the individuals who have got the help from the organization. The foundation mainly buys them fake limbs. The things are designed to help them be a full person of the social life once again. Unfortunately, the expert job (see see here) high quality artificial limb usually costs a lot and the people cannot afford to spend the money on the product.

As it may be seen business men and women are not continuously heartless people who think only about making cash. They also enjoy helping people and compete with other entrepreneurs not only in the companies’ rankings. The people are instances of people who are noble and do not turn their minds when they see individuals in needs. The men and women and their successful companies can change the fate of the disabled people and make them able-bodied again.