Nowadays, a lot more people are working in information technology sector. There are plenty of specialists creating an apps, who are making all those programs we are using on our smart phones and our computers.

So when you want to make a career IT field is the greatest at the moment, check – . But not everybody is educated enough to understand all those procedures, for humanist programming is often a witchcraft. But also for people like that is an opportunity to work on IT field, because far more information must to be putted into small discs of our telephones, just to create expertise mobile.The most relevant thing about homo sapiens is knowledge. We know plenty of events from the past, we are having plenty of books, know the acts of our country. But even the most clever person is not able to remember most of those data, our brain destroy older facts to make a room for newer ones. That’s why civilizations over the periods of times use to invent various alternatives to index all information required. Libraries and archives are fine for that, but in present times we have far smarter devices for that. Using expertise mobile we may put all those data in a small machine and most of us can carry it wherever we want. You do not have to search for forgotten fact in a huge history book anymore, because you may check it very fast, using one, small program.


Autor: Sylvain Kalache

So when you are a humanist and want to do a career IT sector is open for you. Because even tough IT experts are clever enough to create an apps, they still require someone to aid with all those data, to select the nicest one and put it in decent categories. The nicest example is the famous internet library. Although the software is created by IT workers, all the wisdom inside is putted by those who are qualified in each category, and because of that expertise mobile is far more honest. Plenty of countries, also Poland, are investing in new technologies only to spread the knowledge to the biggest amount of people possible. You can download into your phone entirely for free special expertise mobile application, where you find a lot of facts about polish culture. All the dates, famous names, even some literature.

Expertise mobile is our future. Nowadays much more things are digital, we are using hi-tech cameras, reading literature on e-books, using computers. Even national institutes are preferring IT archives instead of paper ones. So also person with humanist skills can make a career in this modern world.