Distribute your products at Russian market

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Right now in Poland, economy is better then ever earlier. Inhabitants are getting wealthier all together with state. Thanks to that, a lot of people are having their own businesses.

Are you planning to start exporting to Russian market?

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Exporting goods of your firm can be really beneficial. In fact, looking for new markets is crucial in order to make firm instantly grow and be even more prosperous.

How to get a patent for an invention and what profession can be helpful?

Nowadays, when people come up with new things and solutions in almost every area of life, it is important to prove that this particular thing was invented by this inventor.

From where all telephone applications came from?

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Right now, almost every grown up person in Poland own mobile phone. Nothing weird in that, cause companies, which are offering contracts for telecom, are giving us entirely new models for a song.

You are a businessman? Start to collaborate with Russia

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At the moment, since Poland became part of European Union, plenty of things had modify. We are have a chance to labor outside our borders or often to offer our goods without any additional permissions.
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